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The TAMA Drummers Community on LJ!!


6/2/09 02:58 pm - awluke - My Tama Spec.

Hey everyone,
New to this community.  Been playing on Tama's since January of 2003.

5-piece Tama Swingstar Vintage Blue
16x22 Bass Drum
10x12 Tom Tom
11x13 Tom Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
51/2x14 Tama Snare Drum
HP200TWB (Iron Cobra Jr.) Double Pedal

5-piece Tama Stagestar Black
14x18 Bass Drum
8x10 Tom Tom
8x12 Tom Tom
12x14 Floor Tom
51/2x14 Premier Snare Drum

Zildjian Cymbals (ZBT's)
Pro.Mark Drumsticks (TXR747N "The Natural")
Remo Drumheads (Weatherkings Coated Ambassadors on both snare drums)

awluke -  



1/31/08 06:10 pm - ggdrummer - О барабанах.

Не стану удаляться в глубь веков, и не буду пытаться написать историю происхождения барабанов. Речь пойдет не о том, как Тарзан натянул кожу убитого им невинного зверя на кусок дерева, выдолбленный им изнутри. Но характерный стон, случившийся от первого удара в эту конструкцию, до сих пор будоражит сердца меломанов. Со временем выяснилось, что на этой штуке можно играть много и разнообразно, и даже, временами, совершать мистические сдвиги в истории, а также поднимать солдат в атаку и звать людей на карнавал. Оркестр из десятка подобных предметов может творить настоящие ритмические чудеса.
А с пришествием в мировую культуру музыки джаз...Collapse )

12/19/07 01:43 am - ggdrummer

Now in work there is a second solo album of guitarist Vladimir Fedorenko. These are our joint instrument plays. I thus far lay out two of them. As a whole, they take the already final form.Probably, something will finish and be corrected.
russianCollapse )



12/13/07 03:28 pm - ggdrummer - HI!

Привет - всем, кого интересует музыка, барабаны,
тем - кто занимается музыкой и тем, кто думает, что ей занимается!
Я - профессиональный московский музыкант. Гастролирую с семнадцати лет. Объездил полмира и работал с уймой интересных людей. Б-г упас от работы с фонограмными исполнителями, а посему приглашаю к общению всех, кто любит живую музыку, умеет её играть или, как минимум, её слушать.
С уважением GG.

6/21/07 01:15 pm - _t800_ - Howdy

Hi there ,..

The name is michael and I am playing  app 16 Years ,.and always Tama,.
The last 5 Years it has been a dubble bass rockstar pro and I own 2 kitts,.one is @ home :D
Powerd by DDrum and Roland.


8/7/06 05:32 pm - oklahomaslim - My new toys!

Brand New hot off the presses! Tama Starclassic Bubinga, Marigold Sparkle finish.

26" KICK, 9x13 mounted tom, 16x16 floor. The project will be completed with all new DW 9000 hardware....

7/22/06 12:43 pm - midnightfire24 - PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE DAMMIT!

Alright guys. you read the title! we need more members and posting in here! so in order for that to happen we need to PROMOTE PROMOTE and PROMOTE this this damn thing more!

I would also like to add another maintainer to help out with running, organizing and promoting this place.. anyone intrested? reply here with the details!

12/26/05 06:32 pm - oklahomaslim - Anyone home?

Checking to see if anyone still posts here or what. PROUD lifelong player of TAMA drums, been playing 15+ years. I own and use 2 different TAMA sets, one is an old Royal Star...circa 1989 or so. The other is my workhorse, 2001 Rockstar Custom....Custom Amber finish. 100+ gigs and still holds up awesome. Hit me up if anyone still comes around, later.

9/29/05 12:04 am - midnightfire24 - Drum Off Results! 3rd out of 7 entrants

I placed 3rd out of 7 entries with a final score of 91! I only missed a win by 5 fuckin' points! but I had quite the solo planned tonight! I wound up going the full 3 alotted minutes wtih no mistakes.. though I ran out of motherfuckin' time before I could lay down the BIG ONE across the toms.. one judge told me that I averaged 175 bps and ran 32nd notes very consistantly on the bass drum.. I cant belive how fast and smooth the DW 9002's we were using were! I will probably buy some and trade in my old 1967 DW 500 strap glide single for them! I can't wait until next year.. I will be back with a vengence BWHAHAHA!


7/30/05 09:52 pm - midnightfire24 - Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune Series?

Have any of you guys had exeperience with the Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune series(to talk about a mouthful of a name...sheesh!)kits Tama is putting out? , I've heard from a few places that they sound amazing and are a breeze to find good tunings with!





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